Monday, February 10, 2014

SCBWI's Mid-winter Meeting Ground

Attention: All yee bemoaning STNY's shuttered unsolicited chute 

We promised to be available when attending venues like SCBWI's Mid-winter Conference. We are not presenting this year and so will be hanging around. Now's your chance!


We are attending Friday night's V.I.P. party (look for the midnight blue velvet blazer) and shuffling about by the check-in tables Saturday. Find us! See what you've been missing!

We are open to meeting worthy attendees and discussing work, careers, contracts, whatever. If you do show us work, be prepared to hear the truth. We are constitutionally unable to talk otherwise. Not to worry. We are 100% on your side, aways; our premise, our belief is we are all friends, working to create books for kids and teens. We want to help improve your work. We want you to succeed. Talk to people who have met or know us, they can explain our style. It is a good deal more direct that the cagey comments often offered as critiques. But we like people and are friendly: don't worry.

STNY looks for original, focused, disciplined, talented (!) creators. We crave talent, like an addiction.


Anonymous said...

Midnight blue blazer!? Add a pink kerchief and I'm sold...except for the part where I live in Vancouver. Apparently the publishing world has been tipped off about our drizzly grey climate because it rarely steps foot over here...

Unknown said...

MIDNIGHT blue. and velvet, thank you very much. that's what makes it specialness-- one step down from a tux. but pink?! not bloody likely. perhaps you are confused b/c i wear zee pencil mustache, in pink.

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