Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DARK DEEPS German Cover

Love the look of this awesome cover for Book 2 in Art Slade's HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS series! You can pick up the American edition here.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Our own John M. Cusick's new short story is now a free e-book from Candlewick Press.

Abandon Changes: A Girl Part's Story, takes place several months after the events of John's debut novel Girl Parts, and is available on Amazon,  Kobo, and Barnes & Noble. Check it out!

Rei’s a runner—fast, smart, doesn’t ask questions, and keeps her mouth shut about the errands she runs. She doesn’t know what’s in the packages she delivers and she doesn’t care. It’s simpler that way. But Rei’s soon-to-be-ex, Sam, has gotten under her skin, and she’s started thinking about the effects of her errands. Can Rei be close to someone and do her job—and can she make a choice before it’s too late? ABANDON CHANGES is a short story by John M. Cusick, set in the same world as his compulsively readable debut novel, GIRL PARTS. This story includes a sneak peek at the first few chapters of GIRL PARTS.

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