Saturday, November 15, 2008


Now in Paperback!

by Mary Hanson
*if you are a rat nabbed by cats who really like stories about magic spoons, wolves with snout-warts, big, hairy chimney trolls . . . and cookies, too.

Named Publisher's Weekly Zaniest Title of 2007
Watch the book trailer...

Berekley Preparatory School of Tampa, FL,  produced a stage version of How to Save Your Tail, with a script by Dorothy Hershman. (Don't bother with Ticket Master, it was a one-time performance.)

Monday, November 10, 2008

The STNY website, which will feature more info about our authors as well as an electronic submission form for manuscripts and permissions requests, is under development. You can see our landing page (which features our submission policies) here. We're in the process of converting to electronic submissions only (Kindles purchased and en route!) . Soon all submissions will go exclusively through In the meantime, we still accept the ol' fashion way.


Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Way of Things Today

Poets & Writers interviews the redoubtable Nat Sobel 
". . . evolving today for agents is that they need to be the first line editors for their authors. . . . We have spent years editing nearly every novel we've ever agented. We did that long before we began to discover how little editing was going on in the publishing houses. But today, agents need to be far more proactive in almost every other area of the publishing process. We have to be the marketing directors for many of our books. We have to involve ourselves in the looking at the jacket design, the jacket copy, the catalogue copy. . . . Those are things you never thought about in agenting when I first came into it. You made the deal, you negotiated the contract, and that was it—— the publisher took over."
my rejoinder, to every particular: ditto!

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