Sunday, February 19, 2012

"Manning's pages are exhunberance itself." —PW

ANOTHER star— this one from PW. In addition to the above quote-made-in-heaven, PW called LAUNDY DAY "vivid" and "warmhearted". Happy us, happy we!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

"English" A Silly Song!

for our English teacher followers, and the like . . .

Nouns name things.
Adjectives describe them.
Verbs act up.
Adverbs circumscribe them.


Construct a sturdy sentence
From your toolbox of good grammar.
The rule for if it wobbles?
Smartly smash it with a hammer!

this is copyrighted.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kiki's Gone Board Book!

You loved her in hardcover and now she's on board(book) in a new format. Especially cool is that Janie conceived the book this way. Meredith Mundy-Wassinger at Sterling pared and repositioned the text and created A RIGHT PROPER BOARD BOOK— not a picturebook gone slumming. Janie Bynum is a graphic designer as well as superlative illustrator— this lady can draw! Kiki's graphic pictures are perfect for babies still learning to focus or learning to move their eyes in a horizontal (text) line.

Joosse + Jutte = OMG! BRILLIANT OR WHAT?!

Appealing illustrations and a cheerful, rhythmic text [create] an entertaining voyage of imagination with engaging, eccentric companions.— Kirkus

Speaking of Starred Reviews. . .

no better quote than how Kirkus summarizes its starred review of author/illustrator Maurie Manning's tour de force LAUNDRY DAY (Clarion: editor Marcia Leonard): "Everything teams with movement and life— completely beguiling."

top that!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Stars Aplenty for Ame Dyckman's debut!

We're so excited! Ame's first reviews ever are both stars

Kirkus *starred* "this book will be a hit." (cuts to the chase, doesn't it?)

Publisher's Weekly *starred* "Imaginative and sweet-natured, Dyckman’s picture-book debut [will] keep children entertained for many re-readings."

Knopf (editor: Michele Burke) did a great job with this book and Dan Yaccarino came through as always. And Ame's text is . . . well, advance order your copy today!

Ame's next book TEA PARTY RULES (Viking: editor Leila Sales) is not far off, either. Keith Campbell is already sketching away.

pssssst: even more great Ame news (can't you hardly stand it?): although our sleeves are still rolled up on this one, we are virtually positive we will soon be rolling them down to. . .  toast Ame's THIRD BOOK! yep! check back soon!

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