Wednesday, September 15, 2010


we cannot resist sharing Voya's rave review of Gail's new release DARK SONG. get a load of this excerpt.

Giles is a gifted writer of suspense. Her imagery sparkles, her character development is flawless, and this page-turner positively crackles with excitement. Giles’s portrayal of Ames’s gradual loss of faith in her parents and friends is intensely realistic. Ames’s attraction to Marc is completely understandable, given the circumstances, but her levelheadedness and underlying love for her family win out in the end. Suspense lovers will savor this fast-paced psychological thriller.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Agent, also Author

read John's scintillating essay Crash Course in Getting Published in CHILDREN'S WRITERS' & ILLUSTRATORS' MARKET 2011 edition and discover the wisdom of the ages— rather the aged (Scott's) infusing the next generation. John starts with his STNY job interview and ends with advice for authors aspiring to the smashing publication of their debuts, like his GIRL PARTS. John sees both sides of the phantasmagorical author-publisher experience and tells it like it is.

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