Thursday, February 17, 2011

Arthur Slade is Lighting Up the Web

HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS author Art Slade is all over the web this week.

Followers of his blog ( and twitter feed ( may have heard about his new short story STUBB, available on YARN (the Young Adult Review Network). You can read it here.

Not only that, but Art Slade titles of yesteryear are back— as ebooks, thank you very much. Fans worldwide can now purchase DRAUGR while English readers everywhere-but-in-Canada* can download the Governor General's Award Winner DUST to their e-readers.

More to come? We should say so!

*We tell you, electronic rights are tricky!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wisdom from the Author's Guild on E-Book Royalties

Must reads for authors, agents, and publishers alike:

"So, everything else being equal, publishers will naturally have a strong bias toward e-book sales. It certainly does wonders for cash flow: not only does the publisher net more, but the reduced royalty means that every time an e-book purchase displaces a hardcover purchase, the odds that the author’s advance will earn out -- and the publisher will have to cut a check for royalties -- diminishes. In more ways than one, the author’s e-loss is the publisher’s e-gain."


"Here's a solution that won't cascade through countless backlist books: soften the e-bias by eliminating the author's e-loss. That is, negotiate for an e-royalty floor tied to the prevailing print book royalty amount."

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