Friday, February 7, 2014

A Contest! A Game!


Are we wasting time keeping this blog?

Our posts are read by dozens and not hundreds, fair enough, but what is with the zero interaction? Never a question or comment? That sounds to us like Who Cares?

TWEET INBETWEEN will help determine our blog's future. Here is how to play.

EVERY SINGLE PERSON reading this now must write something Twitter length, not over140 characters, which includes spaces. Of course a story would be the most fun to read, but you decide. 

PRIZE!! We will judge these (and maybe offer individual comments!) and choose a winner who will get.... get ready for it...  a phone convo! Use it how you like, to pitch a ms or ask a thorny question in confidence or solicit career advice, whatever.

Now remember, this is a game for you but a test for us. Is STNY's bloggery worth continuing?

UPDATE 2-19-14 

Dozens and dozens of you read this and ONLY ONE entered the contest? People! We understand blogs are not places for interactivity. But 140 characters? Here we are, asking pre-published authors to show us their writing; and only one entry? HUH? Imagine this recalcitrance in the context of unsolicited mss. Imagine an agent asking to see your writing and then not sending it. That simply does not happen. So........

What's the prob?


Unknown said...

Exactly 140 Words
By Helen Zax of Washington, DC

The north-going Zax desires gratification.
Her need? Not a Porsche or yacht.
Not Dom Pérignon or a five-star vacation—
But a long tête-à-tête with Sir Scott.

So she hops aboard Amtrak — flying northbound, of course,
From her comfortable seat, she won’t budge.
She barrels toward NOHO — imagining discourse —
When the train careens sidelong on sludge.

So the north-going Zax, undeterred, starts a-walking.
She clambers and slogs through the storm.
She envisions her goal: hearing Scott’s voice, a-talking.
Its hot-hot-hot notes keep her warm.

She hitches a ride: “Into the Big Apple!”
She hails not one taxi, but four.
She slips on a snow bank; she twists her thin ankle.
Hours later, she reaches Scott’s door.

“Here’s my question,” she whispers inquisitively.
“Did you really mean 140 words?”
Or were you expecting a twitter-length tweet—
Because then this long poem’s absurd.

Unknown said...

oh dear. i did mean Twitter length and i am with you on absurd. but creativity often is. my only concern is "a long tête-à-tête": long?!

Unknown said...

I knew "long" would be a red flag word and changed it to "true" in my last draft before this one. Though I liked the alliteration, "true" felt a tad too earnest for the occasion. Of course, you will determine the length of any conversation we have. At least —- any conversation I hope we get to have!

Unknown said...

The Contest ends 2-28. You, our single entrant, are in the lead!

Unknown said...

are you actually giving away a chance to pitch for free? and i didn't even have to buy a scottery ticket? whoa. I'm in.

Unknown said...

will you open up to queries anytime soon? (not part of the contest here, just asking).

Unknown said...

I've always been curious about the copyright symbol in your agency name. what's the story behind that? and did it start with a dark and stormy night?

Unknown said...

my favorite phrase in one of my middle grade stories is "fuzzy bee butts." what is your favorite phrase from your clients work? that could be a cool contest here.

Unknown said...

do middle grade novels (more like upper middle grade than chapter books) need chapter titles?

Unknown said...

i have questions about what language is appropriate for middle grade. are words like stupid, dummy, butt, dang, etc. okay?

Unknown said...

the copyright symbol flew out of my head unbidden— a subconscious ambush— when my first STNY letter needed a logo. i like the efficiency: it obviates the need for a business description.

Unknown said...

my fav phrase might be 'his heart banged in his chest like an angry neighbor'. it is smooth, vivid, and original. do you know how many times we read "as if it would explode"?

Unknown said...

oh, i do like that. i get tired of trying to convey that his heart pounded or he breathed hard without using those words. that would be a great writing exercise. I'll see what i can come up with.

Unknown said...

this is the first time in 20 yrs we are not accepting unsoliciteds. we hope to get to a conference or two this year so we can talk/advise and maybe request mss that way. we always look for new *talent* (emphasis mine).

Unknown said...

just curious. what's your favorite kids book? and did you read it when you were a kid or an adult?

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

okay, back to the real questions. when you read a synopsis, can it be more straight-forward in the writing? in the query, i try to let my writing style come through loud and clear, but the synopsis is much more plain. is this okay? are these the kinds of questions you are okay with on this blog?

Unknown said...

Right now: Outside my window the wind whispers, "Let me in, let me in." The rain, on the other hand, demands it. But I don't mind. My visitors are old friends.

Unknown said...
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