Friday, September 26, 2014

Our Entry in the Xmas Books Sweepstakes!




The sequel 

October 14! 

Last year, it was a Monstrous Parody of  Madelinenamely Frankenstein, BUT this year Illustrious Rick Walton and super funny Nathan Hale are coming at you with 
   a   h o l l y - j o l l y   m o n s t e r   f e s t !    
Be warned: you will laugh your head off. which is a plot point. Oh, you say? Didn't know? Well!  Better catch-up on your reading.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Attention Must be Paid!

Here we see 
the very hammy Ame Dyckman with seemingly reasonable Zach O'Hara at the Princeton Book Fair last Saturday. Ostensibly, Ame was signing BOY + BOT
(Knopf) and TEA PARTY RULES (Viking). Zach, we presume, signed his own creations, which therefore could not but be exceptional. Alas! As was widely reported, the two ungovernables were caught pitching one of their upcoming titles from Little, Brown. WOLFIE THE BUNNY is getting unusual pre-pub attention. But it cannot be ordered yet! Where's the royalty in that, we ask you?

Monday, September 22, 2014

Award Reward

GAIL GILES GIRLS LIKE US made the National Book Award long list. Hoooray! Ten titles. The short list, called the finalists, will be announced Oct 15. Five titles. The winner will be announced at the Nov 19 award dinner.

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