Monday, August 31, 2009


meet Dr. Hyde, the mad scientist in Art Slade's THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS. Dr. Hyde's passion is grafting mechanical pieces onto animals and humans. it works sometimes— e.g., the sadistic Miss Hakkandottir who has a metal hand (with retractable razor blade fingers). it fails sometimes— e.g., the poor hounds who cannot seem to survive the operation that replaces their skull, jaws, and teeth with metal.

you'd be a fool to miss the first book in this full-steam(punk)-ahead series. Random House will publish it 9-22. HarperCanada pubs the book. . . tomorrow! yay!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

in paperback, at last!

Dream Carver

Diana C0hn's lyrical story of young Mareo's realizing his vision as an artist in his small traditional Mexican village. Based on a true story!


Young girls murdered! Supernatural appearances confound! And the scared citizens of a small town in the 1910's suspect Dee's grandmother is bewitching them. This suspenseful, creepy novel joins Barbara Hawoth-Attard's expanding oeuvre next month from HarperCollins Canada. Stayed tuned for news of the U.S. edition.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


What is Steampunk? Take it away, Art...

Art Slade's THE HUNCHBACK ASSIGNMENTS is available September 22nd!

"An excellent start to a promising new series." - Kirkus Reviews

"Pleasing and evocative." - Booklist

Learn more at Hunchback Assignments website.

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