Wednesday, February 5, 2014


"Terse Nurse"

Her door decor a bright red cross;
Her name, Ms. Nurse: First Aid Boss.
The tidy station draws no mob,
Not since Ms. Nurse got the job.
Say you enter coughing, wheezing—
"Stop!" she snaps. "I take no teasing."
But it's true, I skinned both knees—
Her eyeballs roll around, "Puh-leez".
Don't try— oh, my—sneezing! sneezing!
Or Ms. Nurse gets worse displeasing.
Try a cough—
"Knock it off."
If you pout—
"Cut it out."
And don't let OUCH!
Be what you say.
She'll sigh "Good Night" then bark "Good Day!"

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