Monday, July 30, 2012

Loveabye Dragon

We are happy to tout Barb Joosse's upcoming title (illustrated by Randy Cecil, edited by Joan Powers) from Candlewick. PW's starred review likens Barb's "beautifully bubbly" text to no lesser a god than Margaret Wise Brown "at her best"Whoa!
a new *starred* review, from Booklist! Joosse’s poetic, lyrical text is chock full of beautifully cadenced rhyme and repetition... Cecil’s softly textured illustrations have charm in spades...Children will likely ask for this one over and over at bedtime, and may fall asleep wishing they, too, could be snuggled in the curl of a dragon’s tail.


John's Webinar on Writing SciFi & Fantasy

Hi All! John here, and I want to tell you about my upcoming August 9th webinar with Writer's Digest:

Writing and Selling Sci-Fi & Fantasy for Kids and Teens

AUGUST 9th! 1pm EST! Sign up NOW!!!
I personally guarantee this webinar, and the personal query-letter critique that comes with it, will utterly melt your face and blow your mind.
Your brain is Alderaan and this webinar is the Death Star.

A visual representation of the planet-shattering awesomeness of this webinar.
Young adult and middle grade are two of the fastest growing and most robust fiction genres in publishing. These juvenile categories have a tradition of fantasy and sci-fi narratives that continues today with wizards, vampires, and clockwork princesses. The young adult and middle grade markets are rich with imaginative and fantastical stories, worlds, and characters.
What makes some stories stand out, and others unsuccessful, cliché, or—worst of all—left buried in the slush pile? How can you refine your craft to create novels at once lasting and fresh? How does writing for kids and teens differ from writing for adults? How can you capture the attention of an agent in this rich and extremely competitive market? In other words, how can you give your story the best chance to get published?
  • How to write for young people—capturing the voice, narration, story, and style
  • How to use tropes, myths, and archetypal story structures to create striking, unforgettable fantasy & sci-fi tales
  • How to craft detailed, unique, engrossing worlds, full of history and depth
  • How to bring to life layered and compelling heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and antagonists
  • How to avoid cliché and trend-chasing, and create wholly fresh, standout novels
  • How to win the interest of an agent in this competitive market.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Silly Song Sunday

This Little Piggy 
Went to market.
This Little Piggy
Lost his phone.
This Little Piggy
Got a haircut.
And this Little Piggy
Found a bone.
But the last Little Piggy—
Who is always best known—
Went Wee, Wee, Wee
When they left him home alone!

Silly Song Sunday

A dillar, a dollar, 
Hear the baby holler.

A dollar, a dillar,
A bowl of mush 'll fill her.

Janice Repka + Middle-Grade= ZANY!

Math Wiz vs. Baton Twirler!
(Not what you think.)

Now in paperback!

Look who moves to the Dodgeball Capital of the World, litigious-minded four-eyes: Yikes!

In paper on Aug 16!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

perfectly parodic

Rick Walton's Frankenstein with Madeline-y pictures by Nathan Hale is coming from Macmillan's Feiwel & Friends onTuesday. Monsters big and small will yelp with joy! We are pleased to report its first printing: 75,000!

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