Sunday, May 4, 2014

Silly Song Sunday!

Jack and Jill was hard to hear our way through, because of the fancy ryhthmic breakaway. (Not a matter of counting syllables.) We saw this design perfectly executed by master technician Ogden Nash. Help us, gentle readers, determine if we need to rework or if Jack and Jill is finished. A mere Yes or No; and don't worry, we are professionals and can take it.

Jack and Jill
Start up the hill
But stop at the House that Jack built.

There was a mouse
That hid in the house,
Which terrified Jill
Who took to the hill,
Because, to her credit,
Jill remembered her original assignment,
Namely fetching a pail of water.

Back in the house
Still hiding the mouse,
Jack set out to jail
The pest in a pail,
And Jack,                               
Being adept at capturing mice—        
Well, most all house pests, really,
Looked high and low and caught her!

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