Saturday, May 17, 2014

No-Nonsense Development

Advanced Novel Writing Workshop
Knopf Associate Publishing Director Melanie Cecka and Scott Treimel are faculty for the 2014 Pacific Coast Children's Writers Workshop and Retreat. Get set to learn your head off. The workshop format is collegial  (attendees observe all critiques, e.g.) with professional face-to-face galore. Think of your growth as a writer. Get set to push it into hyperdrive. 
*  *  *  EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT ENDS MAY 28  *  *  *
Pacing for dramatic effect
Brewing tension
Plot Layers
Subordinating plotlines
Controlling the reader's experience
Narration: first person, third person— a lot to say (teach) on this one 
Character Stakes
The Antagonist
Interior Logic
More more mor
AND guess what— the venue sits on the Santa Cruz-Monterey Bay! 

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Novel Workshop Director said...

"Priority consideration " on e-applications submitted through ***JUNE 28.*** After that, INQUIRE about possible openings for your full novel or partial! (click About, then Contact).

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