Saturday, January 25, 2014

Take Note People!

We found Christopher Long in the slush pile! Of course, STNY no longer accepts slush but pre-pub'd authors take heart: discoveries happen.

We liked Chris's original view of hero-hood and his teen-like, contemporary regard for his renegade principles (they refuse to register their powers with authorities and must hide out in a shelter beneath a highway underpass and scrounge out a living). HERO WORSHIP required more revisions than we like. Chris had to learn how very high the bar is set; but he did and we got what we wanted. Several editors rejected the ms. (Darn anti anti-hero Editors!) Brian Farry at Flux saw what we see, Chris's promise for a sustainable career. That is what we look for. Chris's new manuscript suggests we picked right. Check back here when we are ready to make an announcement. In the meantime, read HERO WORSHIP. It is dang exciting. And fun!

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