Saturday, January 25, 2014

MONKEY ONO and Its Publisher

Here is a VerY FunnY book by J.C. Phillipps's— Julie. Viking inexplicably pub'd it oh, so quietly last year. (Why, Penguin, why?) Early sales reflected the inattention and it is struggling to catch up.

Now what?  

It's a race against time, that's what! Will the rate of sales pick up fast enough? Or will the Penguin bean counters show MONKEY ONO the indignation of a remainder sale? 

That only slightly overstates the dynamic at the big houses— the shrinking timeframe a book has  to prove itself. MONKEY ONO is Julie's third Viking picturebook,  (none remaindered!) and her best— so far, that is (just wait until April!)— and it is confounding sales do not reflect it.

Check out, MONKEY ONO's trailer. And buy the book! It's a keeper!

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