Monday, April 6, 2009

We Can Hardly Wait!

Intrigued? This logo treatment is for Arthur Slade's Fall 09 steampunk series. Hold on to your stovepipe: it's creepy and mysterious and romantic and . . . hunchbacked!


GuyStewart said...

I'd never heard of Arthur Slade before reading your website. Based on the cover of JOLTED, I went to the library and picked up DUST and MEGIDDO'S SHADOW.

I've decided I am a new fan -- I know I'm old (52), but I know when I like teen books (I've been a science teacher for 27 years and I'm pretty familiar with what my students read). DUST has me gripped and I'm only just managing not to pick it up and read again...rather than write this.

I look forward the reading the rest -- and especially seeing HUNCHBACK when it comes out. I'll certainly be recc'ing his books to our librarian!

STNY said...

gosh, thx! it is not frequently i can bring my clients fans. ST

wordwacker said...

Hey Scott,
Arthur Slade's steampunk series looks interesting. Does that mean you would consider representing a YA paranormal romance that slides to the edge of Urban Fantasy? (no vamps/lycanthropes/fairies but lots of angels and demons)

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