Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Wow, listen: PEN granted us membership! However stringent its appraisal (anyone know?), we are boasting and toasting no matter. STNY salutes PEN's ardor and mission.Read PW's 5-17 Shelf Awareness on Monday's PEN GALA— at the Natural History museum, the Natural History museum!* 

Our Chicago BEA was extra productive last week (without our NYC competition congesting the place). We like to complain that the autograph lines disrupt a good meandering, but we like mixing with Authors, not only booksellers

Here's a special bulletin: STNY will reopen SUBMISSIONS This summer! Notice how we grant ourselves a 90-day window to do it.

*Here we reveal ourselves (as did PW), blithely omitting in New York City


Natasha Wing said...

What is the open submission time frame?

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