Monday, June 16, 2014

Publishers' Margins

We lost the source for the following quote, our bad, but it confirms our long-held, oft-asserted position that EBOOK ROYALTIES ARE TOO LOW. We repeat the sourceless quote, anyway, because we know it is accurate. 
"Bedi Singh, chief financial officer of News Corp., which owns HarperCollins Publishers and the Wall Street Journal, last month told analysts that margins are around 75% for e-books, about 60% on paperbacks, and about 40% on hardcovers." (Emphasis ours.)
Publisher are not entitled to 100% of the extra ebook margin— not by historic author-publisher standards and practices, not by Publishers claiming to be authors' partners, not by what is fair. The present 25% net royalty publishers pay constitutes an out-and-out grab at authors' income. It is that simple. Hence our complaint: publishers won't share! (Kinda like the 1%, come to think of it.)

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