Sunday, March 16, 2014

Introducing ERIC SAILER

We discovered Eric at an SCBWI conference in New Jersey a couple years back. Since, we have worked (and worked and worked) (Eric has too) to develop his craft. Eric's ability to convey movement— not particularly evident in these pics— is what struck us, in addition to our simpatico sense of humor.

Of interest, we should think, to prepub'd creators, was Eric's reaction to our initial critique. He was astonished by the exactitude we demanded in his work. It was not the first time a new client

was startled to learn how very, very high the bar is set at the big houses we work with. (Why the big houses? Because they pay more and have money, if they choose to spend it, to promote their books.)

Now, as Eric is teetering on the brink of formal STNY submissions (pretty exciting for us!), we want to share him with our discerning readers. These pictures are from what we decided to consider a warm-up project, LARRY BEAR AND MARY.

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