Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rick Rocks!

HEY! Which do you prefer? The black and white levels were corrected in the image on the left. Below is the actual cover of   RICK WALTON's next* picturebook (illustrated by West Hargis; edited by Victoria Arms Wells) coming from Bloomsbury on October 16. Better pre-order!  

*Rick is throwing the good ol' one-two punch! Frankenstein only just pub'd (Feiwel & Friends) and  I NEED MY OWN COUNTRY  is smack on its heels. We do not see theses books cannibalizing each other's sales. In case you are wondering.


Marsha said...

I can understand the artist wanting the cover to be as close to the original as possible. However, I personally prefer the lighter one, the colors look more inviting.

hollybookscoops said...

I actually like the corrected one- it looks grungier, and more down-home country to me. The lighter one seems more light and fairy-ish, which doesn't seem to be the theme of the book. I've loved country all my life too, so I think I have a fairly on-target 'country' opinion.

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