Monday, February 6, 2012

Stars Aplenty for Ame Dyckman's debut!

We're so excited! Ame's first reviews ever are both stars

Kirkus *starred* "this book will be a hit." (cuts to the chase, doesn't it?)

Publisher's Weekly *starred* "Imaginative and sweet-natured, Dyckman’s picture-book debut [will] keep children entertained for many re-readings."

Knopf (editor: Michele Burke) did a great job with this book and Dan Yaccarino came through as always. And Ame's text is . . . well, advance order your copy today!

Ame's next book TEA PARTY RULES (Viking: editor Leila Sales) is not far off, either. Keith Campbell is already sketching away.

pssssst: even more great Ame news (can't you hardly stand it?): although our sleeves are still rolled up on this one, we are virtually positive we will soon be rolling them down to. . .  toast Ame's THIRD BOOK! yep! check back soon!

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