Monday, July 12, 2010

We Like to Spread it Around.

we apportion our wares democratically. in the next three months, the following books will be pub'd by, in order, Little, Brown; R-H/Wendy Lamb; Marshall Cavendish (illustrator) Greenwillow (author); Candlewick; Flux; Scholastic Canada; Harcourt; Abrams; and Marshall Cavendish (author).


Anonymous said...

As a teacher, a writer, and a parent, I buy a lot of kids' books. It would be nice if you arranged it so that when we click on one of these titles, it takes us to an Amazon or B&N page, or to a blurb, or to the author's web site.

I realize blogs are time-consuming. I'm just offering a suggestion.


STNY said...

Done and done!

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