Monday, March 22, 2010

Submission Statistics

it is a year since we moved our submission process to the web— accepting queries via our website. our system automatically collects numbers that might interest you blog perusers.

we receive, on average, 85 queries a week. of these we reject 90% and request partials for ten percent. of these we request full manuscripts for about 40%. i take this relatively high percentage as proof that our requests are well reasoned.

the number of new clients we acquire remains very small, however. NOT THAT WE DO NOT WANT THEM. our latest client is a picturebook author— and this is highly relevant to note: we are not looking for picturebook authors; it means that talent is talent and we will jump when we see it. incidentally, this new client was discovered at an SCBWI regional conference and not through the transom..

i know i speak for my colleagues when i say that discovering new talent is our greatest delight.

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