Monday, February 8, 2010

Harper and Hachette Join Macmillian in Kindle Dispute

In case you haven't heard, it's now Macmillan, Harper, and Hachette committing to the "agency model" for E-book sales, whereby publishers set the sales price and retailers keep 30%. This means new releases from these houses (and most likely more to follow) will no longer be available for Amazon's much-disputed $9.99 on the Kindle. The new kid in town, Apple's iPad, operates on the agency model.

Frankly, though my back doesn't miss carting around manuscripts, the rest of me misses good ol' fashioned paper.



Lucy R said...

My thought and question is... Will picture books sell as ebooks too? I can see how the young adult and some juvenile books could be ebooks, but I'm not certain about picture books. Have you heard of them?

bookface said...

I'm for flipping pages all the way. Ebooks just don't feel right. and they make my eyes hurt. What will happen with picture books is an interesting question though.

STNY said...
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STNY said...

Inevitable electronic revolution aside, I want to read paper books, too. There is something fundamental to fiction which, to me, necessitates being off the grid.

I've seen a few picture books on the Kindle (uploaded personal documents rather than purchased books), and, of course, they look heinous. The iPad will be a different story, I wager.


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