Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ants Rule!

How I love this book! The manuscript arrived and it featured only ONE type of killer ant. Ants (being my #1 favorite insect), I happen to know, boast FOUR killer varieties. Nick Nirgiotis revised his manuscript accordingly and STNY sold it to the first editor to see it— fellow insect lover, Mary Cash at Holiday House.

the moral of the story: sometimes you hit an agent's quirk, bingo!


Joelie said...

OOOOh! If the inside illustrations are as cool as the cover...!!! WHY do I have to live in France where I can't take advantage of a public library "new books" shelf? WHY OH WHY?

Ame Dyckman said...

(Ant farms are easy to come by, but type in "killer ant farm" and Google gets all uncooperative and judgmental on you.) Awesome-looking book!

StaffPicks said...

Scott: check out today's bing page: Very cool for an antophile!

Emma Stevenson said...

I'm glad you like Killer Ants by Nicholas Nirgiotis. I hope you like my illustrations too.

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