Thursday, March 26, 2009

We chatted it up for weeks and now is here! Oh, the myriad wonders that await.

Submissions Our on-line Submission Form (we jettisoned snail- mailed and emailed submissions)  means we now respond in THIRTY DAYS! (rather than our long-standing 90 days). 

Writers and/or Illustrators note: we still look hard for talent, established and new. Lest anyone forget, STNY has a tradition of finding new talent and launching first-rate careers.

Business Partners will work with ease on password-protected content areas.

Acquiring Editors can directly download illustrated manuscripts and/or large files and have access to continually updated ancillary materials and relevant websites.

Permission Editors can request work via an on-line Permissions Form!

Foreign Colleagues can source STNY’s continually updated catalogue and check the status of projects in development. Sales support materials— reviews, awards, licensing deals, and media coverage— will be posted for each title and/or author.

Who can ask for anything more?

1 comment:

Joelie said...

YAY for green-ness (and 30-day turnarounds *grin*)!!!!

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