Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Submission or Query Best Omits. . .

  1. A marketing plan. This comes later, way later, by publishing personnel who may or may not let you chime in. Congratulations on your MFA, but at this stage it is your writing that concerns us (You *will* be pulled into the marketing fray once the book is published.)
  2. A dedication. It is presumptuous to expect your submission be rushed to a printer. There will be plenty of time for your editor to request it.
  3. Picture of your family or pet. With all due respect to Bob and the kids, what we really care about is your work.
  4. Chocolate, gift cards, or treats. We really shouldn't. . . and neither should you.
  5. Handwriting. Unless it's your signature, handwriting is unprofessional.
From your good ol' friendly reader of A LOT of submissions,


1 comment:

Stephanie Skeem said...

Hm... perhaps by sending illustrations I've committed an unpardonable sin. Sorry about that. Now I'm feeling very special. *Twilight Zone* moment.

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