Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Publishing Industry Glossary

by our own Rick Walton...

(a brief sampling)

Advance - the best proof your project is moving forward.
Author - the costume a writer puts on when he goes to a cocktail party.
Backlist - books still in print, but which the publisher hides behind his back so they are hard to see.
Cover letter - a letter designed to cover the weaknesses in your manuscript.
E-book - E stands for everyone, as in everyone now will think they can write a book.
Graphic novel - a comic book that went to college.
Hardcover - the best kind of book to use as a murder weapon.
Mass-market - a type of book that most of the time the masses, with great enthusiasm, ignore.
Typewriter - the best writing device ever to use as a murder weapon.
Vanity press - a variation of "van o' depressed." So-called because you end up depressed with a van full of books.
Young adult - the average age of editors today.

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