Sunday, June 12, 2011

Have We Bragged?

if so, then we have not bragged enough. illustrator Kevan Atteberry's TICKLE MONSTER has been kicking butt since 08. Kevan also designed the Tickle Monster Tickle Mitt, which has also sold umpteen thousands. all we have to say is, Local Boy (outside Seattle) Makes Good! keep your eyes open for BOOGIE MONSTER, coming soon to an airport, K-Mart, Target, and hundreds of other outlets near you!

Kevan is also illustrator of FRANKIE STEIN and FRANKIE STEIN STARTS SCHOOL.

We love Kevan!


Sally said...

I so want a Tickle Monster Mitt!

Dawn Simon said...

Yay, Kevan! :) Yes, Kevan Atteberry rocks!

Heather said...

My daughter received the book from my sister. Belly laughs guaranteed!

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