Wednesday, June 27, 2012


We are not fans.
Giant conjures a relatively specific image quickly, and the hard G sound is hard to beat.
Enormous is used up, applicable to a pancake and galaxy alike.
The combined meaning? Big.
What anemic vocabulary produces Ginormous? Synonyms for big should be within reach, people, please— Jumbo for starters. Ginormous is in the dictionary. So? It will go the way of the hell-a prefix, mark our words. It lacks merit! (see above.)


Anonymous said...

I received an e-mail about a "Ginormous Sale" at a major retailer the other day. I wrinkled my nose as soon as I saw it. There are so many other ways to say that it's a big sale rather than saying it's ginormous. This, too, shall pass (right?).

Anonymous said...

REally? I like it. Much like I enjoy saying, Fabulicious (in relation to my mama's 14-layer cakes) and awfible (combo of awful and terrible) ususally in relation to the thoughts of eating my own coooking.

STNY said...

a 14-layer cake! that takes the cake!

yeah, Ginormous is not the world's worst word (what would that be? incredible? unbelievable?); it is just a disappointment. what we wish is a synonym for "hope". help, anyone?

Ryan Van Cleave said...

See if you can do something about "chillaxing" while you're at it!

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