Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Silly Song!

SCIENCE, from our line of educational verses

The prize-winning project
At the state science fair
Was a clay pot of radishes
Growing human hair.

The prize-winning student,
With her parents both in tow,
Shocked those attending
The ceremony show.

The audience could see 
They displayed horrid grooming
Upon all three heads?
Row of radishes were blooming!


Maribeth said...

Nothing like a 6:00 AM LOL!

STNY said...


Ame Dyckman said...

The girl could be wearing radish roses! ;) Great poem, Scott!

Heather Villa said...

Cups of expanding liquids consume my freezer’s shelves. Slushy blue mouthwash. Crystallized soy milk. Frozen pomegranate juice. Thick salt water. All in the name of science. It’s science fair time this week. True story!

STNY said...

haha. thx, Heather!

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